A little about Me!


I recently had the opportunity to take over the IG feed for The Woo Shop! Incase you haven't see those posts here's part 1 of 3: a little about me!

Hiya! My name is Thamo (pronounced ta-moo) and I’m an Intuitive Fibre Artist living and working in Lynden, Ontario.  AND I’m taking over The Woo Shop feed this week :D

First, I know you’re wondering “What is an Intuitive Fibre Artist”? I’ve been an Artist since… maybe forever. It’s 100% in my bones. When I was little my mom was always knitting, my Nana let us play with the hand sewn replica-Chanel suits she made for my Aunt’s Barbies (that still looked like new they were so well made!) and I still have a portrait my Aunt drew for me with a crayon when I was 4!

Making became an essential part of my survival. With a rocky childhood (I’ll save all that for another time) I needed an outlet. I needed a way to express all of my feelings so that I could go about the motions of school and friends without combustion. 

Fast forward to adult hood and I got a little lost in the “supposdas” and the “shoulding” on myself. I thought I did everything as by the book as a creative, probably eccentric, girl could and I didn’t feel good. I didn’t feel RIGHT… I felt empty!

After having kids I doubled down and really starting making everyday. I also allowed myself to reconnect with myself, and with my spirituality and intuitive gifts! It came naturally as a kid but I suppressed it. I tried to come back to it in my teens and twenties but never pursued anything full out because I was afraid. 

Then a HUGE lightbulb went off… My making IS my spiritual practice. *BOOM* When I use my making as part of my meditation, I relax enough to receive.  When I light candles and pull cards I get the coolest creative ideas. My mind and my heart was cracked the F open! And what continues to pour out is exciting and magical and beautiful and ME!

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