Self Care is Self Love Kit
Thamo Hurly

Self Care is Self Love Kit

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Together with Jennifer Camara of Lavender and Stone, Emma Smallbone of The Woo Shop and Marisa Vari of Pretty Little Yarns, I have put together these exceptional kits to help you kick start more self care and more self love in 2021. 

Each kit includes:
- a Love Potion mini rollerball and Rose Quartz from Emma,
- a unique to you set of stone beads and a lava rock bead from Jennifer,
- a mini skein of yarn specially dyed and enfused with reiki love from Marisa,
- a one of a kind hand-sewn pouch by Thamo (that's me!),
- a Cord Magic Spell made especially for the kit also by Thamo

These kits have been put together especially for You and while they are all unique, they are all infused with the same love and intention.