Scrunchie Cowl
Scrunchie Cowl
Scrunchie Cowl
Scrunchie Cowl
Thamo Hurly

Scrunchie Cowl

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I’m a total sucker for a super colourful, speckled and variegated skein. So much so that I snap them up without a plan (or a buddy).  I also love a cowl with all the party in the front.  I want as much of the fabric where you can see it and where it’s coverage is needed most.  With all that in mind, the Scrunchie Cowl was born! It’s all Knit stitches and basic increases, with a little bit of fun finishing and optional bling at the end.

You can knit it to any size, length or gauge you want becuase it’s so easy to adjust as you go along.


Lolodidit Plush Sock in Pretty Young Thing with a Lil Lolo contrasting CO and BO in Beauty School Drop Out

Or any single skein of yarn and maybe some minis or some scraps. 



Stitches: Knit, Kfb, K1B
I used the Chinese Waitress cast on as I love the stretchy but stable edge it makes.

Wear, share or sell what you make but please let people know who got you started!
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