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The first in the SA Silhouette range is the cute ghostie label. Just hanging around in your handmade creations! Designed in a pendant style, this Silhouette label includes a 2 cm tab for sewing into your handmade goods. 

Each pack contains 4 labels.

The Silhouette label range is an exclusive design to SA Labels. Designed in a pendant style to hang or suspend from your handmade goods. You can either sew them into the back of your garments, right up to the seam to show off the unique silhouette, or you can sew them on the outside and wear them proudly like a badge. Don't let this limit you though, as Silhouette labels can be sewn into the seams of cushions, and bags and are the best finishing touch for many other handmade crafts You choose! 


6 cm x 2.5 cm with a 2 cm seam tab.