Scrappy Ray & Moray
Scrappy Ray & Moray
Scrappy Ray & Moray
Thamo Hurly

Scrappy Ray & Moray

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Sometimes you’ve got to be scrappy! You’ve got to jump in quick and tell’em how itis. You’ve got to make a statement right off the hop so they know who you are and what you’re about.  This pattern is exactly that. A simple and to the point way for me to show you what I’m about: Patterns that are fun and addictive, graphic and effective.  Patterns that show off your favourite yarns, whether they’re scraps, handspun, a special yarn baby from your stash, something you dyed yourself or a combination of those!

And I love a pattern that I can easily tweak into something a little bit different. So whether you’d prefer something lightweight and airy or bulky and super warm, this pattern will still work! And I am extra stoked that I was able to include a shawl AND a scarf version. They work up nearly the same with one important change to the pattern. They’re both equally engaging and I cannot wait to see yours!

I save a lot of scraps.  Scraps of all sizes with no plan, or end in sight.

And when I them I’m never sure which scraps will be long enough to make it across two whole rows.  But what if they only had to make it across once?

This pattern is  top down, double garter, micro stripe goodness. Because of this construction I opted for opposite colour borders along the top edge to help keep track of the increases.  Just try not to come up with infinite combos for this pattern!

Yarn: 2 80-100g skeins of whatever weight of yarn you'd like (samples were done with fingering and Dk weight yarns)
For the original scrappy version I used a semi-solid 
skein and 80 g of fingering weight scraps

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