Knit City Virtual Fibre Bundle
Thamo Hurly

Knit City Virtual Fibre Bundle

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To support my "Fibre Prep and Faux-Lags for Spindle Spinning" class at the April Knit City Virtual I've put together this fibre bundle to make sure you have everything you need to participate to the fullest!

This bundle features:
- 1/3 of a braid of semi solid BFL and 1/3 of a braid of variegated colour dyed by the amazing Rose of Akara Yarns in coordinating colours
- and a 1oz batt blended by me (ingredients include undyed Charollais wool, sari silk and some other fibres from some mystery blends by Spin Jones)

All you'll need to add is a piece of dowling or a thick wooden knitting needle and you'll be all set to play with your fibre prep with me!